Car Coin (CCM) is creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that provides liquidity to a decentralized auto finance market, connecting users with inventory with accessible financing for everyone. CCM ecosystem participants will receive rewards through a variety of staking pools including single token staking and LP staking. Both will have flexible staking periods with those participants choosing a longer lock period receiving higher rewards. Currently CCM has a single staking pool open with participants earning at 40% APY. This will soon be changing with the ecosystem as a result of a large institutional partnership providing national inventory through Car Coin is reinvented as a truly decentralized organization that can change the world of auto finance as we know it. Investors earn returns through staking rewards, buybacks and treasury appreciation. Borrowers will lock collateral that will return cashflow to the treasury to fund token buybacks. The community will govern the ecosystem through the Car Coin DAO, helping to determine items like treasury investments and loan parameters for borrowers.